Grief Refused...

"Some people have used all their willpower and every trick in the book to keep themselves from crying, from grieving.

Somewhere they got the idea that crying is a sign of weakness, so they refuse to cry. Instead they hold it in--no matter what it takes--and refuse to give in to their authentic emotions.

This word re-fuse is interesting. We have been con-fused. Something has been fused with us. Some belief or fear or doubt. Whenever it comes up we reject it, we refuse to acknowledge it, forgive it, and let it go...

Re-Fused! It is forced back down into our subconscious again. So it can be held in our tissues. We force ourselves to hold it in.

Some people feel their tears coming up and then they suppress it with all their might! They even say: 'I almost Lost It!' As if keeping it in is the goal!

When we refuse...we keep it! It stays trapped inside us! There is no escaping from what we hold secret in our Hearts.

Only in forgiving, only in flowing, only in the overflow and in the overwhelming of our grief can we get free!

Stop re-fusing your tears. Let it flow! Let it out! Sob deeply and mightily! Cry heroically! Keen and wail!

Refusing your true grief re-fuses your true Joy!

Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave



"The word 'Want' means: to Lack. If we believe we lack something it creates a wanting inside us. We then behave from a place of lacking and wanting.

However: When we have what we want we no longer want it. Having means: no lack.

In our Western society of Consumerism, we have been trained to always want more and to always want new and to always keep wanting. To live in a mindset of lacking. A Culture of Discontent!

The trick is to behave as if you always have what you want. Even when you don't.

Want Peace of Mind? Want Happiness? Want Love and Friendship and Security? Behave as if you already Have these things. This is a new way of being. Revolutionary! Transformative!

See what you really really want. See what you don't really want. See what you really need. See what you don't really need. See what you truly lack and what you never really lack at all.

This is a different kind of Manifesting. Then It is not about wanting and lacking. It is about gratitude and contentment and patience. It is about Faith and Trusting .

Somethings only come at the right moment in time. Wanting will not make them come any faster. Wanting will only cause you to miss what you already have!

Instead of thinking thinking thinking about what you want. Think instead about what it would be nice to have. Then relax and be patient. Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave



"If you have never been loved unconditionally? If you have never been 'loved' truly for who you are? Not just for who you can be, or how you can serve and be of benefit to others...

If since adolescence you have always had to find ways to sooth yourself and have spent your life making do with addictions to co-dependency, alcohol, drugs, TV, busyness, and work work work? How will you even recognize Unconditional Love? And especially, how will you recognize it without sobriety?

It took a heart attack to clean me up and make me sober! And then... Unconditional Love was waiting for me, patiently. It had been waiting for me faithfully for years and years and years...

All I can say is: Don't be a fool quite like me! Look carefully! Look clearly! You may already be receiving what you have always been searching for! You just may not be able to recognize it! You may still be clouded..."

--Pahka Dave


The Endless Study of Qi

"Qigong is an Umbrella Term that covers a wide range of interests, sciences, and methods for cultivating energy. Under that umbrella you will find Healing forms of exercise used like a physical therapy, forms for developing strength and power, forms for developing internal (Neigong) qi and external (Weigong) qi. Forms and practices for Meditation. Massage. Acupuncture. Herbal Medicine. Martial Arts. Music. Divination. Feng shui. Astrology. Spirituality. Psychology. Art. Calligraphy...

Qigong is the endless study of QI in its many many varieties, manifestations, and methodologies; utilizing many thousands upon thousands of techniques for cultivating, nourishing, manifesting, balancing, harmonizing, replenishing and refining one's QI... You can spend your whole life-time studying and still only scratch the surface!"

--Pahka Dave


Poem: Dark Emotions

These cold rainy days
bring up dark emotions
and memories
of distant losses...

Losses that were never mine.
Losses that I inherited.

Wounds that have not yet healed
and warm tears flow
from somewhere
deep inside,
from something
deeply hidden
and forgotten...

Thank God
for these cold rainy days
that bring up
dark emotions
and memories
of distant losses...

The bright Sun
does not Heal
our Hearts
quite like this!
It does not
keep us
as Honest...

--Pahka Dave



"The problem with Neo-Shamanism--one of the problems, for there are many--is it's reliance on mind-altering substances and drugs.

Classically trained shaman entered into trance states through rigorous discipline, through dance, through fasting, through austerities, through purification, through the drum and the rattle, through song and chant, through yoga and various forms of meditation. This requires a clear mind.

Ever since Tim Leary and his bunch brought LSD to the mainstream, many modern neo-shaman have been looking for the next best high. Searching the Rain Forest, the high deserts, chasing the perfect high...

But it is all ungrounded. It is disconnected with the Sacred traditions. It is dilettantism. It is drug dependency masquerading as Shamanism.

Qigong is certainly shamanic. But it requires a clear mind. It requires years of training and Self-Discipline. It requires groundedness AND connection with the Cosmic One-And-All. It is not a drug induced state. It is a natural high!

The thing about exogenous substances is this: We would not be able to react to them physiologically if we did not already have the cellular receptor sites to engage with them, to metabolize them, and respond to them. And, we would not have these cellular receptor sites onboard if we did not naturally produce these neuro-chemicals endemically inside our own bodies!

Relying on exogenous chemicals and compounds is not only dangerous but it is cheating. It robs us of the ability to produce these substances on our own as nature intended. It is a short lived short-cut to experiences that we cannot possibly contain and embody as long as we are reliant on ethnobotanicals and mind-altering drugs... It is not the Old Way, despite whatever propagandists and rock stars have to say...

Herbal medicine aside of course. Drugs are a dead end with unpleasant side effects. It is reckless and heroic to use these substances...

Not sure if that is true? Ask yourself: Do you want your children and grandchildren to start messing around with that stuff? Or do you want them clear-minded and healthy? Unadulterated...

It is one thing to chew coca leaves so you can work at high altitudes with supportive energy, another thing altogether to smoke crack cocaine! One is a botanical herb. The other is distilled and refined into a deadly drug.

The best substance in the World for inducing altered states of consciousness is Oxygen!

Food for thought...

--Pahka Dave


Blissed Out

"Some people get all Blissed-Out and Rarified when they do Energywork for others. Not me! I was taught to be more practical than spiritual, down to Earth about it. Not floating away.

I approach it more like housekeeping, dusting the furniture or polishing a mirror... Clearing meridians... You really have to pay attention. You have to watch what you are doing. Otherwise you can't see how they are responding.

If you bliss out and close your eyes when you are cleaning house you might miss a spot, or completely forget what you are doing! Either way it will not get clean. That is not being a good housekeeper.

If you bliss out while doing Energywork you can't see how well you are doing. You can't follow their breath, see their tears pool, notice a chin quiver... Try to be aware at all times. Even when meditating and being 'Spiritual'.

Really, it is all about the Quality of our Attentiveness. That is what transmits Healing Qi. Not our hands or our 'Third Eye'. You can be psychic and intuitive with your eyes open. I promise...

Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave


Tears, Scars, Healers...

"Tears only tear us up when we stay torn inside... Wounds only wound us when we stay wound up in them... Our tissues always heal faster than our issues... When our pain emerges it is an emergency!

Some words are so closely connected to be separated.

Don't be scared of your scars. Scars heal our wounds and make us Whole again.

We were never meant to stay wounded, torn, and scarred. Our birthright is to heal and then heal again...

We are all Healers, as long as our laughter returns and we can remember our Joys. No one was ever born to stay wounded... Life is more meaningful than that!"

--Pahka Dave


People In Your Life

"Are there people in your Life who support your growth and your own inner-flowering? Or are they asking you to only support their growth? Only their growth...

Are they asking you to be their faithful Lotus root, stuck in the muck of the pond while they flower? Or are they supporting you in your own transformation into a full Lotus?

Are they requiring you to stay the same, constant, never changing so you can earn their Love? Or are they challenging you to grow to your fullest potential, beyond your fears and comforts and addictions?

Those people asking you to stay the same; never changing, never growing, never reaching beyond the muck... Is that truly Love?

If all we seek is comfort and safety and sameness, then what are we seeking?"

--Pahka Dave


Chronically Stressed

"Being chronically stressed and tight takes a tremendous amount of energy. We consume far more Life energy being constantly sad and depressed than we realize!

The goal of Qigong is to free our trapped and stagnant energy and life draining emotions.

Qigong is self-healing because it is balancing. It frees us to feel all of our emotions again! Freeing our Life energy. This is called: Going with the Flow!"

--Pahka Dave


Some Days

"Some days simply hold a heavier energy... It doesn't really matter why. It just IS. Some days have extra heavy emotions. There is a lump in the throat; an ache in the heart. Emotions are just energy. They need to move. That's all...

If you take the 'E' off the word emotion all that's left is 'motion'. Emotions are energy that needs to move! When they move you can feel it moving. This is why we call them 'feelings'... Motion... The E? Well that just means 'energy' or 'inner'... Inner-motion.

My suggestion: Feel the energy moving through you--moving out of your core, through your hands, your heart, your feet, moving out, through, down, and away from your head... Sure tears can do it too, but that is not really necessary...

Me? I usually like to blame it on the Weather, the phase of the Moon, the Planets or Astrology; something I have absolutely no control over. Something I just have to go with or be stressed.

But that is not my old way. My old way was to interfere with my emotions, change my emotions, mask my emotions, suppress my emotions, medicate my emotions, ignore them, change them, interfere with my inner-motion... Why? Fear of my own emotions... What they mean about me, what they say about me...

In hindsight it was very very silly! Fighting to control my true feelings instead of just accepting them, acknowledging them, letting them go, and forgetting about them. Kind of stupid really...

How can you escape from something that is inside you?"

--Pahka Dave


Radical Awareness

"Let us understand this concept of Meditation a little better... Another word for Meditation is Awareness. Meditation is Awareness.

We each have Seven Psychic Centers, Seven Chakras, or as I like to think about it: Seven Houses. We are called upon to live in all Seven Houses simultaneously. This is not as easy as it sounds...

Most Westerners live in only one, two, or three houses and usually never simultaneously. We are either in the Mind, the Gut, or the Heart. This leaves us disadvantaged.

We spend much of our time Unaware; Lost in thought, daydreaming, or in wakeful nightmare. For entertainment, we seek Distraction and Oblivion. We are escape artists...

Meditation is being Aware of all our psychic energies at once. Meditation is unifying our field of Thought and Emotion and Intuition. It is being firmly grounded in Reality and in the Cosmos at the same time. This requires practice and supreme concentration.

Meditation is a radical departure from our Culture of Thought, from our Micky Mouse Inheritance. Our Culture worships the Mind above all else! Break the Cycle! Be Radical!"

--Pahka Dave


Nightmare of Loneliness

"If your reality is created solely by your mind and your neurotic thinking, ALL of that untruth will be revealed! That will feel Terrifying! It will be Identity Shattering! But ultimately this experience is a blessing.

The Universe does not want you to stay in a Nightmare of Loneliness. Enlightenment is really just seeing how we habitually Endarken ourselves! How we make ourselves Suffer needlessly... How we reject our true Beauty..."

--Pahka Dave


Deep Work

"In order to release the past we are often called to relive it. We are asked to see the past from a new perspective.

Sometimes we are only freed from past traumatic events when we at last understand them.

This is especially true of childhood trauma. We are asked to relive those wounds again as adults. Not to torment us and stir up our PTSD... No! But to finally heal the past and set ourselves free...

This is called: Deep Work. It is painful. It is heart wrenching. It is rebirth."

--Pahka Dave


To Make Whole

"The word Heal means: 'to make whole.' That means wherever we are still wounded or broken we bring our energy there to restore and mend. This also happens in the places in our mind and our heart where we hold untruths; the places that scare us, the places we still hold on to bad memories and are afraid to look.

Healing is a painful process. Yes it hurts to break your leg. That is painful. But it is nothing compared to the pain of healing and mending the leg! The fracture takes less than a second! Mending the break takes weeks and weeks and weeks, months and sometimes years of pain and perseverance.

So what about those places in the shadows that scare us, where we are even afraid to look? How long does it take to heal that if we turn away when someone or something reminds us of our wounds? If we always turn away it may never be healed.

When your wounds reveal themselves anew it is time to do Qigong Meditation.

Observe your pain with Love and Compassion, breathe into your fear, notice the impulse to turn away. Then Don't! That will bring new energy and new love to an old wound. This is hard.

Hard love is needed for painful memories! It is hard but is heals and it allows us to bring the pain of the past into the present so we can finally leave it in the past. Hao la! You will cry! That too is Meditation. That too is healing... It is emotional detox. Don't turn away! You are worth it! You deserve to be whole again!"

--Pahka Dave