Why Knot???

Pahka David Cowan RN, has been bringing his special brand of Humor, Relaxation Training & Healing Hands to organizations of all kinds for over 20 years.  His "Caring for the Caregiver" program has been presented at local, regional, and national venues since 1999.  He is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Presenter & Teacher & Seminar Leader on such vital subjects as: Stress Reduction, Pain Management, Meditation, Breathing techniques, Juggling, and Holistic Health...  

In addition to studying with many contemporary pioneers in the field of Alternative Medicine, David has also studied with Chinese, Tibetan, and Hawaiian Master Healers; and is himself a Master Hands-on Healer who has helped thousands and thousands of patients find relief from Chronic Pain & Stress. 

A Nurse-Pioneer in the field of Alternative Medicine, Pahka is a popular and well sought-out Presenter at Health Fairs, Community Centers, Teaching Hospitals, schools & universities, and also for Corporate Leadership Groups.  Pahka has also traveled far and wide to teach his laid-back style of Qigong at Regional & National Qigong Conferences.  Pahka Dave also leads Classes, Workshops and Retreats, and presents Lectures and Seminars on Traditional Re;laxation Techniques as well as Meditation, Bodywork & Energy Healing.  He has two Home Study Training DVDs: "Lift Qi Up & Pour Qi Down in Paradise - Volumes l & ll."  

Pahka Dave is a dynamic and knowledgable Presenter who relies on humor & commonsense to reach his audiences, to help relax them and put them at ease, while he demystifies the Esoteric Practices of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation.  

He has volunteered his time & expertise for support groups for Grief, Addictions, Anger Management, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.  He has taught at High Schools and for Senior Centers and knows how to modify these methods to make them fun and accessible to people of ALL ages and fitness levels. 

An authority on Indigenous Forms of Healing, Pahka also leads frequent retreats to The Big Island of Hawaii to study Qigong, Lomi Lomi & the Aloha Culture with his Mentors: Rev. M. Kalani Souza & Kumu Julie Kai Stowell.   

If you are interested as an individual lessons - or have a group of people ready to learn - these 5000 Year Old Relaxation Practices are ready for you!  Why Knot?  When you can rediscover the Magic of Relaxing & De-Stressing?  Pahka Dave is ready to help you!  Pahka is just as comfortable teaching groups of 3 - 30, as he is teaching groups of 300 - 3000...  He will happily travel to you or else host you for a very intimate Weekend Immersion Workshop, or meet you inline for a teaching Webinar.    

What makes Pahka Dave Uniquely Qualified for this? - He comes to this field of Alternative Healing as a Nurse!  Not as a Martial Artist.  He makes it Simple and Easy and Fun.  Dave is a synthesizer of Easter & Western Medicine, and combines this wealth of understanding into being an Advocate of Self-Healing, for Natural NON-DRUG Stress Reduction & Common Sense Good Health.  Qigong - simply put - is the Daily Process of Caritas: "The Ritual of Daily Self-Care & Caring for Others."  Martial Artists call this training: Kung Fu.  But Dave just calls it: Caring.  He called it: Aloha.  So...  It is never too late to learn new ways of being.  You do not need to have any prior experience.  You do not even need to know how to Pronounce any of the Words...  You just an Open Mind & Open Heart & The Willing ness to Follow-Through.  Hao la!      


Stress Management is now a top priority for many organizations, both large and small. More and more, employers are seeking creative new ways to combat stress in the work place, training employees in universal skills that establish more effective work habits, enhance job satisfaction, and bring better balance to employee's personal lives.

David's Expertise allows him to bring Relaxation Training, Tai Chi, and custom tailored Stress Management Programs directly to your next Corporate Retreat, Leadership Conference, or Employee Health Fair.

                  "Stress is inevitable. But! Distress is always an option!"  --Pahka Dave


Here is what Past Participants have to say about Pahka Dave's Stress-Reduction Seminars:

  • "David Cowan has certainly been blessed with Healing Hands..." 

                                                                      - Sister Betty - Sisters of St Francis Health Services

  • "Best program I ever attended! The 2-Day Retreat was not long enough... I wish Dave could come every week."

                                                                       - Angela W, RN - St. Anthony Memorial Hospital

  • "It was like getting meditation instructions from George Carlin... Very Funny!"

                                                      - Robert R., MD - Unity Medical Center, Lafayette, Indiana

  • "David has a talent for making complex information simple... I loved learning to juggle silk scarves."

                                                            - Debbie S., PT - National Qigong Association Conference

  • "David Cowan's Chi-Lel™ Qigong Healing-Circles are a total blast!"

                                                            - Valerie R., RMT- Insight Awareness - Homewood, Illinois

  • "Mr. Cowan's "Emergency Stress-Reduction for Teachers on the Edge" Workshop was extremely well received... We are looking forward to his return next year."

                                                                        - Mary G., President - Gary School Teachers Union

  • "Dave Cowan is like a human Beta-Blocker...

                                                                                                            - John V., CFO - Vinzant Inc.


Contact: Pahka Dave Cowan, RN.  For Personal or Corporate Stress-Management Solutions... Email: zencow1@comcast.net or call: 219-384-7677

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