To Make Whole

"The word Heal means: 'to make whole.' That means wherever we are still wounded or broken we bring our energy there to restore and mend. This also happens in the places in our mind and our heart where we hold untruths; the places that scare us, the places we still hold on to bad memories and are afraid to look.

Healing is a painful process. Yes it hurts to break your leg. That is painful. But it is nothing compared to the pain of healing and mending the leg! The fracture takes less than a second! Mending the break takes weeks and weeks and weeks, months and sometimes years of pain and perseverance.

So what about those places in the shadows that scare us, where we are even afraid to look? How long does it take to heal that if we turn away when someone or something reminds us of our wounds? If we always turn away it may never be healed.

When your wounds reveal themselves anew it is time to do Qigong Meditation.

Observe your pain with Love and Compassion, breathe into your fear, notice the impulse to turn away. Then Don't! That will bring new energy and new love to an old wound. This is hard.

Hard love is needed for painful memories! It is hard but is heals and it allows us to bring the pain of the past into the present so we can finally leave it in the past. Hao la! You will cry! That too is Meditation. That too is healing... It is emotional detox. Don't turn away! You are worth it! You deserve to be whole again!"

--Pahka Dave