The Endless Study of Qi

"Qigong is an Umbrella Term that covers a wide range of interests, sciences, and methods for cultivating energy. Under that umbrella you will find Healing forms of exercise used like a physical therapy, forms for developing strength and power, forms for developing internal (Neigong) qi and external (Weigong) qi. Forms and practices for Meditation. Massage. Acupuncture. Herbal Medicine. Martial Arts. Music. Divination. Feng shui. Astrology. Spirituality. Psychology. Art. Calligraphy...

Qigong is the endless study of QI in its many many varieties, manifestations, and methodologies; utilizing many thousands upon thousands of techniques for cultivating, nourishing, manifesting, balancing, harmonizing, replenishing and refining one's QI... You can spend your whole life-time studying and still only scratch the surface!"

--Pahka Dave