"If you have never been loved unconditionally? If you have never been 'loved' truly for who you are? Not just for who you can be, or how you can serve and be of benefit to others...

If since adolescence you have always had to find ways to sooth yourself and have spent your life making do with addictions to co-dependency, alcohol, drugs, TV, busyness, and work work work? How will you even recognize Unconditional Love? And especially, how will you recognize it without sobriety?

It took a heart attack to clean me up and make me sober! And then... Unconditional Love was waiting for me, patiently. It had been waiting for me faithfully for years and years and years...

All I can say is: Don't be a fool quite like me! Look carefully! Look clearly! You may already be receiving what you have always been searching for! You just may not be able to recognize it! You may still be clouded..."

--Pahka Dave