"The word 'Want' means: to Lack. If we believe we lack something it creates a wanting inside us. We then behave from a place of lacking and wanting.

However: When we have what we want we no longer want it. Having means: no lack.

In our Western society of Consumerism, we have been trained to always want more and to always want new and to always keep wanting. To live in a mindset of lacking. A Culture of Discontent!

The trick is to behave as if you always have what you want. Even when you don't.

Want Peace of Mind? Want Happiness? Want Love and Friendship and Security? Behave as if you already Have these things. This is a new way of being. Revolutionary! Transformative!

See what you really really want. See what you don't really want. See what you really need. See what you don't really need. See what you truly lack and what you never really lack at all.

This is a different kind of Manifesting. Then It is not about wanting and lacking. It is about gratitude and contentment and patience. It is about Faith and Trusting .

Somethings only come at the right moment in time. Wanting will not make them come any faster. Wanting will only cause you to miss what you already have!

Instead of thinking thinking thinking about what you want. Think instead about what it would be nice to have. Then relax and be patient. Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave