Grief Refused...

"Some people have used all their willpower and every trick in the book to keep themselves from crying, from grieving.

Somewhere they got the idea that crying is a sign of weakness, so they refuse to cry. Instead they hold it in--no matter what it takes--and refuse to give in to their authentic emotions.

This word re-fuse is interesting. We have been con-fused. Something has been fused with us. Some belief or fear or doubt. Whenever it comes up we reject it, we refuse to acknowledge it, forgive it, and let it go...

Re-Fused! It is forced back down into our subconscious again. So it can be held in our tissues. We force ourselves to hold it in.

Some people feel their tears coming up and then they suppress it with all their might! They even say: 'I almost Lost It!' As if keeping it in is the goal!

When we refuse...we keep it! It stays trapped inside us! There is no escaping from what we hold secret in our Hearts.

Only in forgiving, only in flowing, only in the overflow and in the overwhelming of our grief can we get free!

Stop re-fusing your tears. Let it flow! Let it out! Sob deeply and mightily! Cry heroically! Keen and wail!

Refusing your true grief re-fuses your true Joy!

Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave