Blissed Out

"Some people get all Blissed-Out and Rarified when they do Energywork for others. Not me! I was taught to be more practical than spiritual, down to Earth about it. Not floating away.

I approach it more like housekeeping, dusting the furniture or polishing a mirror... Clearing meridians... You really have to pay attention. You have to watch what you are doing. Otherwise you can't see how they are responding.

If you bliss out and close your eyes when you are cleaning house you might miss a spot, or completely forget what you are doing! Either way it will not get clean. That is not being a good housekeeper.

If you bliss out while doing Energywork you can't see how well you are doing. You can't follow their breath, see their tears pool, notice a chin quiver... Try to be aware at all times. Even when meditating and being 'Spiritual'.

Really, it is all about the Quality of our Attentiveness. That is what transmits Healing Qi. Not our hands or our 'Third Eye'. You can be psychic and intuitive with your eyes open. I promise...

Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave