Radical Awareness

"Let us understand this concept of Meditation a little better... Another word for Meditation is Awareness. Meditation is Awareness.

We each have Seven Psychic Centers, Seven Chakras, or as I like to think about it: Seven Houses. We are called upon to live in all Seven Houses simultaneously. This is not as easy as it sounds...

Most Westerners live in only one, two, or three houses and usually never simultaneously. We are either in the Mind, the Gut, or the Heart. This leaves us disadvantaged.

We spend much of our time Unaware; Lost in thought, daydreaming, or in wakeful nightmare. For entertainment, we seek Distraction and Oblivion. We are escape artists...

Meditation is being Aware of all our psychic energies at once. Meditation is unifying our field of Thought and Emotion and Intuition. It is being firmly grounded in Reality and in the Cosmos at the same time. This requires practice and supreme concentration.

Meditation is a radical departure from our Culture of Thought, from our Micky Mouse Inheritance. Our Culture worships the Mind above all else! Break the Cycle! Be Radical!"

--Pahka Dave