Age of Aquarius

"What the Hippies never imagined in the 60s and 70s was that the Age of Aquarius would actually be an age of sobriety... It was unfathomable for them. But think about it...

How else can we become our authentic selves if we don't feel our authentic feelings? How can we make Peace if we do not make peace within ourselves? We must accept our true feelings...

Not the Neurotic Bullshit feelings that have been holding us back. Not the feelings thrust on us by the generations before us who tried to drink and dope and deny their shame away so they could feel 'shameless'. When instead, they shamed us all!

We carry their shame. It is a Legacy of Shame and Imperial Despotism... The Shame of two World Wars, Nuclear War, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, the Reagan Central American Wars, the Clinton Slovak Wars, Bush War I & II, and now the Drone Wars... Wars on Drugs and Wars on Terror and Wars against the Poor... Wars for Water and Oil. We are fed up! War is becoming obsolete. And so too is the War against ourselves.

We must make Peace within ourselves. Heal the Spilt. And the only way to do that is by Full Catastrophe Living! Unadulterated! Unbuffered! Crazy Sober!

We have the opportunity to Feel It All. But not if we are drugged and medicated, distracted and preoccupied with fear and shame. 'AA is for Quitters!'

If we throw out our Neurosis we throw out our Wisdom too. We must learn to blend these energies. Not suppress and deny them. We must listen to them. And then we detach from what is NOT Truly Ours!

If we deny our true experience and our authentic feelings then how can we evolve? For billions of us the worst possible future is a future where we are condemned to Sobriety.

We scoff at Islamic Countries for Banning Alcohol. That is the hold up! Entire nations are afraid of the God's-Honest-Truth about how we really truly feel! Afraid to accept our Shame.

We are Pirates! Expansionists... Imperialists... Faceless Corporations... Our lawmakers and warmongers are all intoxicated. If not literally on drugs and alcohol then literally--and more sinister--on money and power and dominance!

How does that lead to wise governance? How does that usher in the Age of Aquarius? An Age of Peace and Brotherhood among men!

Instead we have this Orwellian Dystopia. Big Brother IS watching. The Thought Police ARE listening. SO: Drink your Victory Gin and remain asleep!""

--Pahka Dave