"New" Qigong

Once you learn your Qigong basics, you are free to explore.  Yes, you can create your own form. You can be artistic and inventive. You can do free-style Qigong. Many do.  But the Masters and Grandmasters will watch and observe; not only you and your innovation, and not only your form and adherence to the basics--your posture, breathing, fluidity, strength, degree of relaxation, and internal power--but also...they will observe your Aura. Is it visible? Strong? How far does it extend?

No one can cheat on a Qigong Exam!!!

Then they will go even further... They will observe you as you age. They will observe your students and your student's students... Do you show the health benefits? Do you maintain youthfulness and flexibility into old age? Do you maintain balance and poise--not only in your form--but in your temperament...

Are your students respectful? Do they hold to the basics? Do they generate a visible Qi Field? Do they have power? Are they relaxed? How about your student's students? Do they have grace and power, are they poised? Are they respectful? Do they exemplify the basics in their movements, their breath, and posture? Do they have power? Do the emit Qi? 

If these answers are No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No... Then it is Not a Good Form. It will not be passed down. There will be no lineage created, no contribution that you can make to the Qigong Tradition. Not unless it benefits at least 10 Million. If only 10 Thousand are benefited it is still unproven!

Yes, you can explore new forms and free-style movements. But do not abandon your training form. That at least has been proven and shown to be effective.

If any teacher you encounter cannot name their lineage--if they claim to be the originator...be wary! Their methods are unproven. The outcome after years of practice is uncertain. Watch the Teacher's personal health, measure their respect, their poise, their attitude, their power, their integrity, their aura... Do they teach their students? Do they respect their students? Or... Do they use their students to pay the bills???

Trying out a "New" Qigong is kind of like trying out "new" food. You should use caution... Smell it. Taste it. Try just a bite. See how it makes later... See how you feel the next day. Is it good for you? Not good for you?

No one can improve Pie. They can only hope to become a Master Pie-maker. And then, after years and years of acquiring skill they may elevate Pie-making into an Art.

--Pahka Dave

Yang Style Tai Chi IS Qigong!

Yang Style Tai Chi IS Qigong!