Emotional Vulnerability

Emotional Vulnerability...

Energy needs to move. That is how it replenishes itself, recreates itself, restores itself...by flowing.

But individually, our emotional energy often gets suppressed, trapped, stuck... Unable to flow: It stagnates.

How does this happen?

The Ego controls it. Defends against it. Chokes it down. The Ego does this for a reason, for a purpose. It does it to control unwanted and potentially uncontrollable emotional energy.

But, I just said: Energy needs to move. The nature of energy is to move, to flow. That is actually the threat behind our emotional energy...

We call our emotions: 'Feelings.' When energy flows we feel it. SO, If we don't want to feel it we cannot afford to let it move. Trapped and repressed energy is suffered.

Instead of feeling the natural movement of our emotions, we suffer their stagnation.

This can go on for years and years, decades, a lifetime.

We suffer and resist... Suppress and deny... Press and repress energy downwards into the Subconscious and then, then...we ignore it.

After awhile, we can actually forget what we are suppressing!

We just know we feel stuck. We know we can't afford to let go. We feel we must stay in control. Defend ourselves against uncomfortable feelings. Even when we don't even know what those feelings are truly about! We only know for sure that we are afraid of becoming emotionally overwhelmed... Out of control... We can't afford that. We have to keep our secrets!

SO... Whenever the energy rises we feel panicky. Anxious. Nervous. Afraid. Neurotic.

And so...

Emotional suppression continues... Unabated. Suffering continues... Unabated. Depression awaits... With bated breath.

Qigong naturally frees this suppressed stagnant energy. It frees us to breathe again.

Spontaneous Emotional Releases--called 'Qi Reactions'--are inevitable.

The Darkness comes into the Light; 'Enlightenment!'

The unconscious enters again into the field of consciousness... Our tears pour!

We heal old traumas and our buried and forgotten hurts this way...

We give them up!

This is also called: 'Forgiveness'.

This is called: 'Letting go'.

Freeing our Energy to Flow again revitalizes the Spirit.

Revitalizing the Spirit frees the Soul.

Freeing the Soul releases us from pain!

Opening our Energy Meridians with relaxation and full diaphragmic-breathing doesn't just facilitate the movement of Qi and Blood, it frees us from the Past... Releases trapped stagnant energy... And forgives us!

Yes! At first it feels messy, scary, and uncomfortable! But then, ultimately, when we get used to the process: it feels Liberating. We are free to flow in the moment, and...we are free to be emotionally vulnerable once again.

They say: 'The Truth will set us free.' This is true.

But first it will make us a snotty angry mess! That is true too. Hao la!

--Pahka Dave