Uncomfortable Emotions

Uncomfortable Emotions

Here is my advice when you are feeling uncomfortable feelings... Feel uncomfortable! Don't try to manage those feelings, supress them, control them, eliminate them, side-step them, medicate them, get drunk, stoned or otherwise avoid how you truly feel. That only prolongs and strengthens uncomfortable feelings.. That only turns them into Honey Badgers that will bite you on the ass! Cause Honey Badger don't care! Honey Badger don't give a shit! THAT is how you feel right NOW! Feel it!

Feelings are Wisdom. They have something to say, they have valuable pieces of information created especially by you FOR you. Ignore them at your peril...

Instead of suppressing and controlling uncomfortable emotions...feel them; raw and mighty and scary and overwhelming. They are YOUR feelings!... They are not trying to hurt you. They are trying to Help You! Once their message is delivered you, once you truly hear it and really get the message... they will slip away. I promise!

But... If you ignore them, or suppress them, they will be back first thing in the morning. Sure, that is not so bad then, in the new light, at the start of the day; you have a lot to do, you can stay busy. But when the afternoon comes, and the day slows down, and the distractions subside... Oh, say around 4 or 5 or 6 o'clock, they will be back, clamoring for your attention. If you ignore them they will haunt your sleep!

It is no accident that we call that time of day 'Happy Hour' or 'Cocktail Hour' or perhaps 'Tea Time'... Even the stoners are supposed to spark up at '4:20'... It is Time to Manage, Negate, Distract, Avoid, and Ignore our authentic emotions once again!

There really was never a Counter Culture. One side 'hip', the other side 'square', one side more High and Spiritual than the other... Well, maybe one side more High... But, the behavior is exactly is the same! Escape! Medicate! Get loaded! Get a buzz on! Don't feel how you feel.... See Doctor Feelgood! Relax... Don't give a shit!

The only thing 'Counter' or different about those cultures was their drug of choice and their hairstyles. But like Bob Dylan said: 'Everybody Must Get Stoned!' And HE should know...

Next thing YOU know, you are a Stoned Buddha and you have successfully ignored 30, 40, 50, 60 years of your true innate Wisdom! And then watch out! Honey Badger has just been waiting. Biding its time. And once it sees an opportunity of weakness...Honey Badger is going to jump up and bite you on the ass! Hao la! Even Baba Ram Das eventually stroked out! Ask him if he still thinks drugs are cool now?"