The Wheel of Karma

"It is called the Wheel of Karma because if you live long enough you start to see the patterns. You see how we each recreate our own traumas so we can relive them and heal them.

And our children recreate our traumas too so they can relive them and so we can relive our traumas through them.

And we recreate our parents and grandparents traumas so we can relive them and heal them. We heal our traumas. Not only for us. But for all of us. That is the Pattern.

They call it Karma. But then they talk about it terms of cause and effect. They talk about Cosmic Comeuppance... Balancing the scales... Paying for our sins... But this forgets and overlooks the Wheel.

The patterns repeat themselves. Not as a punishment. Not because we deserve our generational traumas and our deepest wounds. Not because of some Cosmic judgement. It is NOT a generational curse! It is our blessing. It makes us One...

They repeat because we are all humans. And there is only one story. And WE are all part of it.

We can't escape the Wheel no matter what so many religious types may say. The Wheel is not something we can escape. The Wheel is us! We are all Bodhisattvas... We ARE the Patterns. And the Patterns repeat and repeat and repeat..."

--Pahka Dave