Grief Is There

"There is no way to stop Grief. Grief is for a lifetime. Even after years and years of intense Grief-work it remains. It softens. But it remains...

Just when you think you have finally faced all of your Grief then comes the Grief of our past lives...

And beyond that our Ancestral Grief... And then beyond that awaits the Grief of all Sentient Beings and the Elementals...

So of course we fear to face our Grief. It feels overwhelming. We want to spare ourselves from feeling our Grief. But that is impossible. All you can do is postpone it. All you can do is suppress it.

Grief is Good. It is there because of Love. Grief is there because Love has been lost.

Love was there and now it is gone. So we Grieve. It is so natural.

And sometimes, even sadder, Grief is there because Love should have been! But never was... Those we Loved somehow could not Love back!

We must Grieve all our Grief--fully, slowly, over time--in order that we may keep on Loving. Otherwise in denying ourselves Grief we close our heart! We drown our true Joy in unshed tears...

Grief and Love are like our Two Hands. We need both to be whole. They are like Two Wings... Both must be there in order that we may fly. Both are necessary so we may develop Compassion.

The Deeper our Loss. The Deeper our Compassion.

Grief is there... Use it wisely and forge it into something beautiful! It is your Treasure, moreso than Love.

Love and Grief... We cannot have one without the other. They go hand in hand! There is no end to Grief... It is Love turned outside-in.

Telling someone to 'get over it' and 'move-on' is the ultimate insensitivity--because it cannot be done! Love was there. Now it is gone. And so... There is Grief. We cannot 'get over' that! Nor should we try. Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave