Breath is the Bridge

"Your breath is the bridge between your mind and your body. If you observe you will see that young children breathe from their bellies. If you observe adults you will see that most adults breathe from the upper half of their chest. Why? Adults are suppressing their emotions; young children are not.

The breath is the bridge between the mind and the body. But the belly breath is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious minds... When we breathe fully, filling up from the diaphragm we have access to our entire intelligence, all our gut feelings and intuitions... The 6th Sense is in the belly!

The Belly Breath also connects our Physical body to our Astral body. It allows us to have access not only to more intelligence but to far richer sources of power; the diaphragmatic breath massages our internal organs and circulates our inner-energies...

When we consciously breathe from the belly, allowing the diaphragm to move up and down as it was designed to do we energize our entire system, we gain access to subtle energies and subtle awarenesses. We have access to ALL our emotions...

Simply breathing fully and authentically connects us to our Self. It undoes the control mechanisms and suppressive interests of Ego. It allows us full connection with our True Self. The leather belt is a tourniquet! It restricts the proper movement of breath. It suppresses emotion. Take it off!

Some people have called this Belly Breathing exercise: Meditation. But really it is only one of the 13 Breaths of Qigong... It is the first breath we teach. When you take conscious control of your breath you have taken conscious control of your subtle energies. Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave