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Back to Childhood Breathing means: diaphragmatic or 'belly' breathing. Belly breathing massages your organs, stimulates the relaxation response, and allows for the free flow of emotional energy.

Belly breathing holds nothing back. It is the antidote to adulthood and adult stress and tension. All children from newborns until about the age of 4 years old breathe from the abdomen.

Some statues and images of Buddha demonstrates this rounded belly. Buddha was not fat! His belly is depicted as rounded because it is full of breath!

The Chinese Buddha: Hoti IS fat! To the Chinese that is a sign of good fortune and happiness in a land that once knew the tragedy of famine after famine... Hoti is not an example of Good Health if you are a cardiologist. But he is Very Very Happy! Happy as a child!

Shakyamuni Buddha - Prince Goatama Siddhartha - was a yogic ascetic. His rounded belly is not fat, it is full of in-breath, full of life, and full of authentic emotions.

The Belly should be rounded on inhale and flat on exhale. Try it. You will develop awesome abs this way. Strong and powerful. And you will never have to do a crunch or sit-up ever again!

Hao la!

--Pahka Dave