Just to be clear about something...  Inflammation is your body's natural response to injury, stress, and overuse.  The message from inflammation is: 'Stop hurting yourself!  Slow down! Allow time for healing to take place!'

So many of the clients I treat are actually suffering from their misguided efforts at fitness!  They are injuring themselves in their exercise process with free weights, treadmills, weight machines, excessive running and swimming...

Training to be harder and tighter, fitter and slimmer.  How can that be good???  "No pain, no gain" was a sales pitch.  Not sound medical advice.  If what you are doing is causing chronic inflammation you need to stop! Rethink your approach...

Fitness is not the answer. Wellness is.

I often tell my clients: 'I know many people who would love to have a well. But I don't know anyone who loves to have a fit!'

Inflammation feels like something inside your body is burning; burning within. 'Inflamed' means: IN FLAMES.  That is rather obvious...

Medical Qigong is gentle, soft, and no impact. It loosens and relaxes and strengthens. You go at your own pace... 

Getting your body harder and tighter and even more taut is not the way to go. Please realize: Any word with -itis at the end of it means Inflammation: Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Myositis, -itis, -itis, -itis.  None of it Good.  You are hurting yourself!

Popping more anti-inflammatories is no solution. It does nothing to alleviate the problem, in fact it merely allows you to do more damage by masking your pain response!  Stay on it long enough and you will have internal bleeding. How can that be good???

Medical Qigong is soft, gentle, relaxing... Do Not think: Exercises! Think: Looser-cises!

According to Hippocrates-the Father of Western Medicine: "The First Rule of Medicine is: Do No Harm!"  But as Master Chan loves to add: "While you are busy doing no harm, at least try to do a little bit of good."

Do your Qigong.  Do your Qigong.  Everyday.  Everyday.  It will help you feel well again.  But it will not make you feel fit to be tied!

Hao La!


--Pahka Dave