Who Loves Company?

If you take the 'E' off the word 'E-motion' what is left?  Motion!  The 'E' stands of 'Energy' or 'Inner'...  The word Emotion means: 'Inner Energy'.

Emotions are internal movements of Energies that we either welcome or try to avoid.

The real problem with choosing Avoidance of energy rather than Acceptance of energy is that trying to Avoid our own inner energies is impossible!  They are inside us!  How can they be avoided? 

All we can do to prevent ourselves from feeling unwanted e-motions is freeze the energy and prevent it's Motion.


Why do we want to do that?  What do we hope to gain by freezing and denying unwanted emotions such as Anger or Sadness or Fear? 

We hope to Not Feel uncomfortable. 


Whenever our Internal Energies move we can FEEL IT!  THAT is precisely what we are trying to avoid: Feeling our true Emotions.

Emotional suppression takes tremendous amounts of energy in itself; It is self denial.  And it is exhausting!  Suppressing and repressing and depressing unwanted emotions takes so much energy!

What do we really gain by freezing, denying, and internalizing unwanted emotions such as Anger, or Sadness, or Fear???

We get to keep them!  We get to store them!  We get to hold them!  We get STUCK with them.

This is the opposite of Forgiveness. This is a recipe for Misery!


Misery comes from the word 'Miser'.  The Miser hoards what they consider precious.  Misery is hoarding our precious pain.

Again: This is the opposite of Forgiveness.  This is a recipe for Misery.


Condemned by our constant avoidance -  keeping our most unwanted emotions buried deep down inside - deep in the subconscious where they fester and gain strength - where they roil and boil like lava until the first opportunity of weakness or vulnerability or drunkenness and then...  Watch out!  They explode! 

This is just bad policy! 

Then we become like volcanoes...  Like big jack-in-the-boxes...  Eventually: Pop goes the Weasel!!!

After that we get newer, fresher and even more unwanted emotions such as: Shame, Guilt, Fear, Self-Loathing, Self-Hatred - and of course - more and more Misery.  Always there is more Misery. 

But that is OK...  Because after all: Who Loves Company??? 

Misery!  Misery LOVES company... 


As long as we have our misery we are never truly alone.


--Pahka Dave