Keep Living... Keep Learning

How do I change the World?  I work on myself and I work on others.  I do it one person at a time...

I open myself up - my muscles and joints, my attitudes and emotions, and my Crazy Mind - and I do the same for others.  First on my bodywork table; opening their muscles and joints. Then by listening... Then by challenging their assumptions... Like any therapist: I open what is stuck.

AND then... Always... While I am working on that other person, I am also working my myself - my posture, my body mechanics, my breath, my Crazy Mind! 

I listen to them with my hands and my intuition; I feel what they are hiding. I know when they are lying.

I treat others while I am meditating.  It is automatic now.  And it is unconditional.  No judgement. Just discernment. 

Nothing shocks me anymore!  People are Crazy!

If I treat 8 people today then I have done my form-work 8 times.  Now I just need quiet time for myself and some long stretching into the evening.  Maybe play some music...

If I treat 3 people today then I still need to work on my own illnesses.  Tai Chi Staff is most useful for me.  It torques my shoulder and hip joints, maintains my knees, relaxes my spine... 

Someone has said: 'To Master any Art you have to put in a minimum of 10,000 hours of practice.'

By the time I reach 60 I will exceed 40,000 hours.  No, not doing Qigong - I was late coming to that... But in service to others: Heart-centered Bodywork; relieving pain, easing suffering...  Yeah - I am coming up on 40 thousand... And THAT is my conservative estimate!

I am a Healer. This is what I do.  This is what I have done my whole Life.  First as an Amateur. Then as a Licensed Professional.  A life-time of learning how to Heal by my own experience.

I have learned: Healing others teaches us about ourselves.  Seeing our personal theories proven in the lives of others lends one the courage to turn it around and heal ourselves.


              I may be a slow learner!  But I DO learn.  The hard way!


Don't know how to start?  Touch someone!  Be silent... Listen... Breathe...

I am 56 this year.  My father - a Gymnast - taught me how to ease muscle spasms before I was 7. I have lived my life healing other people's pain.  But up until my heart attack in 2012, I never knew I deserved to be healed too.  ...Crazy mind!  Crazy crazy mind!

After my Heart-Attack though...  Well... Like I have told thousands of others over the years:


     "When your healing system is activated it wants to heal everything!'


Keep Living.  Keep Loving.  Keep Laughing.  Keep Learning.

Hao la!


--Pahka Dave