Each Exhale... A Prayer

"Use your Out-Breath as a tool for generating a Relaxation Cascade throughout the entire body.

The emphasis should be on the exhale. 'Haaahhh...' Through the mouth...

Then inhale and focus again only on the exhale: 'Haaahhh...' A loud sigh of relief...

Drop the shoulders.  Relax your neck. Let everything sink down; all your molecules and all your atoms: Haaaaahhhhhh... Really let-go...

Exhale fully and completely.  Only focus on exhaling.  The Inhaling is automatic.

Whenever you notice your stress is accumulating again - Relax... Breathe Out... 'Haaahhh...'

Let-go... Don't squeeze... Don't hold back! Let everyone hear you: 'Haaaaahhhhh...' This is the Breath of Life.

My Teacher says: 'Each exhale is a prayer: 'Please God may I have more Life?'  And each inhale is the answer: 'Yes...'

SO simple!  You just have to remember to remember. Hao la!"

--Pahka Dave