Not a Bad Life

"Living with the reality that any day could be my last, there really is no more room in my life for grudges, resentments, and fears.

There is only impatience with myself for letting petty things bother me, allowing frustrations and irritations to ruin my calm, causing me to lose sight of the Big Picture...

It tells me I am still unwilling to accept things as they are.  And that my once so powerful post-heart-attack gratitude for each new breath is already thinning and fading.

It tells me I am once again imagining a Future that may never exist.  Instead of living in the Present.  And I am making selfish demands again that Life should conform to my personal wishes.

SO foolish.  I KNOW better.  But I am still so full of bad habits.

Then I spend a day like today with my damaged Heart-muscle dancing to a crazy syncopated latin beat inside my chest.  A whole day of heart-palpitations and skipped beats.  And I am back on track.  A heart-pounding reality check.

All I can do is Breathe and Relax.  Love and Help.  And live each day like it may be my last... Grateful I still get to be Foolish, Irritable, and Impatient.

Not a bad Life afte rall."

---Pahka Dave

We are Sillohuets that stand against the Sky...

We are Sillohuets that stand against the Sky...