Last Days of The Year of The Snake

The last days of the Year of the Snake are energetically closing and the Year of the Horse begins...

Very exciting times if you are working towards Spiritual Awareness and Honesty.  Very difficult times if you are clinging to old identities and obsolete programs.

This past year was supposed to rip off that old skin.  It was out-grown and confining.  For many of us, this Year of the Snake saw the ending of long-term relationships, spiritual upheavals, job changes, and emotional chaos.

We have been faced with choices.  None of them seemed easy.  But we are riding it out.  Or else we are running back to the burning barn.

This Year of the Horse may be the Year of Reinvention and Growth, or it may be the destruction of everything we have known.

The Crazy thing is: the World DID end on 12-21-2012.  But because we still have electricity and television and the internet -- we didn't notice.

It is up to each of us to create a World that we dreamed of living in.  And that we each become the Person we dreamed of becoming.

There is no more time left to be a Spiritual student.  It is time that we all become Spiritual Teachers.

This New World needs an Army of Healers, not Drones and Warriors.

Start by Healing yourself.  Become the New YOU!  Completely shed your Old Skin!  Hao la!

--Pahka Dave