This month of February--so far--has been very very intense. Why? Don't know... Anyone's guess... But 'Why?' is usually a very useless question. The answer is simple... 'Because!'

Why ask 'Why?' It IS how it IS.

My blog posts are usually trying to be more about 'How?'

This is How I help myself work through my emotions during difficult times. (And believe me: since my heart attack--nearly all my times have been difficult.)

What I crave is simplicity!

I have heard: 'It takes courage to live a Simple Life; an Ordinary Life.'

So this is as simple as I can be.

I simply sit down and write...

For me, my job--treating and helping people--is Simple. But helping myself... I don't aways know how to do that.

So, I often rely on the insights I have gained by working with thousands of people over the years in one-on-one healing sessions.

I rely on the words of encouragement and intuitive 'knowings' that have occurred to me to share during all those healing sessions.

Intimacy has become my Art. Sharing, one of my skills. Maybe it is because I am a musician? I guess I really just need an audience... (I probably did not get enough attention as a child?)

Sharing helps ME. I get to imagine that I can wax wise with someone else who is suffering, and... I get to forget about my own suffering for a while.

I actually listen to myself. This Voice in my head...

Staying present in the moment, guided by intuition, answering questions, channeling heart-centered information...

I am usually just as curious as the next person to hear what the Voice inside me has to say.

This is what I try to share here. My process...

IF you have noticed... Sometimes I post a lot! Several times a day. What can you deduce from that?

'Oh. Dave is having a tough day. He is sharing to keep himself on track.'

'Dave is sharing to remind himself of simple truths that are easily forgotten in an emotional storm.'

'Dave is weathering his discomfort. Sharing for companionship.'

'Dave is trying to practice what he preaches. And walk his talk.'

This has become a very very reliable therapeutic tool for me. Sharing... Journaling... Writing... Communicating... Revealing... Putting myself out there... Inviting feedback...

Sometimes what I choose to share is something I have shared again and again over the years with hundreds and hundreds of people.

I have learned, when our personal suffering is strong, we ALL need Hope and Validation, Kind Words, and Careful Listening. So I attempt to validate myself... A bit... Just a little...

Sometimes I begin by sharing a tried-and-true insight. And then--maybe along the way to the Hao la!--a new fresh insight springs forth from somewhere in my Right Mind.

Sometimes I just share my challenge to myself to avoid Avoiding. Share my attempt to stay on the road to clarity. My fight against the cravings to backslide and retreat into my favorite chemical escapes...

Sharing my inner-struggle is helpful to me. Making it Transpersonal. Communicating. Exposing my mind. Injecting some humor. Outing myself a little. Outing myself a lot!

A little Levity is often needed when there is too much Gravitas!

Here is one I have shared a thousand times:

'You have to laugh! Life is TOO IMPORTANT to take dead seriously.'

Even the moniker: 'DaVE's BaSeMeNT' is meant for Humor... Quirky capitalization... Double Entendre... Punny... And also a heads-up: Uh oh! Another rambling short essay. (Maybe wanna skip it?)

'Where is Dave?'

'Writing in the Basement again.'

'What is he going on about now?'

'More Subconscious Stuff. Suffering... Self-Healing... Blah Blah Blah... The usual... He is trying to be honest and clever again.'



On Dave's 3rd Grade report card (true story!) his teacher included an observational note about his character: 'David shares too much with his neighbors.'

Just so! Somethings don't change. We are who we are. 'Who?' we are is more important than 'Why?' we are.

It is just my nature... God made me this way. Some people work it out by Silence. Others work it out by communicating.

ME? Yeah... Kind of obvious isn't it! Hao la!

Happy Qi to you today!

--Pahka Dave