Qigong For The Incurables

The Medical Qigong form I learned, Zhening Qigong, was created by Grandmaster He-Ming Pang.  Grandmaster Pang’s Zhening Qigong is rated first among all traditional Qigongs by the China Sports Bureau and his Huaxia Zhening Qigong Research Center was once known as ‘The World’s Largest Medicine-less Hospital.’

Zhening Qigong is credited with successfully healing the symptoms of over 450 disease conditions and so became known widely in China as the ‘Qigong for Incurables.’ 

Around the World, Zhening Qigong’s health benefits are being realized by tens of millions of people from different faiths, backgrounds, and cultures.  You do not have to be Chinese to benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine!

He-Ming Pang’s personal story starts with traditional ‘straight path’ training at an early age and subsequently put him under the tutelage of nineteen Grandmasters, all of whom trained him to becoming a traditional healer and acupuncturist.  By the mid 1970s, Dr. Pang found himself at the forefront of a modern Qigong Renaissance as Chinese officials began to look seriously at these traditional practices.

Dr. Pang — called Lao Shi ("Teacher") by his thousands of students — was first to coin the term Qigong Science.

By 1979, Dr. Pang — a one time collaborator of Guo Lin — announced he had distilled the essence of all five traditional Qigongs into a modern form of Medical Qigong he called Zhening (‘Intelligence’) Qigong.  No special belief system was required.  Only Intelligence!  In fact, to achieve political correctness in the eyes of Chinese government officials, rather than praying to God or Buddha, practitioners are simply asked to: “Think Blue Sky.”

After receiving government approval for his research, Lao Shi assembled a large team of dedicated physicians who set out to scientifically validate the efficacy of Zhening Qigong.  He was allowed use of a closed Military Facility that had no heating!  And out of this unlikely location he created his Research Hospital.  And so, using amplifiers and loud speakers and with microphone in hand, Dr. Pang began to teach Zhening Qigong en masse to large groups of people - sometimes numbering in the thousands!

Dr. Pang’s group healing methods produced many documented successes in healing cancer and other ‘incurable’ diseases.  His test subjects — actually thousands of sick patients — had to meet three requirements before participating in the research program.

First, they had to be tested and examined by Western Medical practitioners to prove they were indeed sick.  Each subject had to be diagnosed — according to Western medical understanding — with an illness that is considered incurable. 

Secondly, they had to agree that the only treatment they were to receive during their stay at the center was Zhening Qigong — no drugs, no special diets, in fact, no heat!  (They had to close the center during the winter.)

Thirdly, after 40 days of Qigong treatment at the center, each patient was asked to submit for reexamination using Western methodology to verify and document the cessation of their symptoms.

Lao Shi’s personal healing skills are legendary.  He is highly regarded by his peers for his self-less contribution to Qigong Science.  He is the published author of many volumes of writings and has presented hundreds of hours of lectures (all in Chinese) on Qigong theory.

After more than twenty years of rigorous scientific scrutiny and massive clinical trials, Lao Shi’s Zhening Qigong was credited with curing thousands of patients.  As one of China’s foremost experts of Medical Qigong, Acupuncture and TCM, Pang Lao Shi is considered a ‘National Treasure.’  Lao Shi’s achievements do not end there...

Dr. Pang Ming also founded the China Qigong Science Correspondence Institute and and was the chief lecturer for the first class of college-level Qigong students at the Haidian Day University.  He is one of the original founders of China Qigong Association and is the acknowledged creator the Qi-field Technique — applying and teaching his pioneering method in1984 — and publicizing his theories and treatment methodology in 1986.

Additionally, Dr Pang is the originator of “The Hunyuan Entirety Theory” published in nine volumes over a nine year period. 

In 1997 he helped to compile and compose the National Teaching Program of Qigong Science and in 1998 participated in the examination and approval of student course-work authorized by the China Association of Qigong Science for Fitness Qigongs.

To this day, Dr. Pang and his wife - a renowned healer in her own right - remain dedicated proponents of traditional healing practices and have trained thousands of Zhening Qigong teachers who in turn have shared Dr. Pang’s methods with literally tens of millions of students all around the World.  Due to political restrictions on large group-practice as a result of official government ban on the cult movement Falun Gong, Lao Shi and his wife continue to tirelessly explore, refine, practice, and teach these time-honored traditional techniques for the common good of all.

                 "Think Blue Sky...  Go out in Six Directions into the Infinity...

                                                                                                          —Dr Pang Ming


I have been indebted to Dr. Pang's Qigong expertise now for 17 years.  And I have honored his powerful methods for Self-Healing by teaching hundreds of American students how to Lift Qi Up & Pour Qi Down since 1998.

--Pahka Dave


The World's Largest Medicine-less Hospital!