Gong Ceremonies--Sound Baths--Vibrational Healing--Kirtan Music

  My 28" Subatomic Chau Gong - 36" Astro-belt Gong - 40" Customized Mother Tesla Gong!  Heal the People!

  My 28" Subatomic Chau Gong - 36" Astro-belt Gong - 40" Customized Mother Tesla Gong!  Heal the People!

In addition to his other talents, David Cowan RN is also a skilled Musician, Songwriter & Sound Healer.  He has been a professional multi-instrumentalist musician for over 40 years.  He brings his relaxed attitude and years of experience in front of large and small audiences to Gong Ceremonies, Sound Baths, Yoga Kirtans, and Individual Vibrational Healing Sessions.  He is available to those seeking opportunities to heal toxic emotional energy with soothing and powerful waves of sonic energy, sound and vibration.  David's Motto: "Have Gongs / Will Travel" is constantly taking him to various Yoga Studios, Spiritual Retreat Centers, College Campuses, Cancer Treatment Centers, Women's Health Gatherings, Regional Conferences for Holistic Healing, and to Private Parties all over the Southern Lake Michigan / Chicagoland Area - from the North & South Chicago Suburbs, to South Bend, Indianapolis, and Lafayette Indiana, into South-West Michigan and beyond...

Pahka Dave employs a trio of Hand-hammered Chinese Gongs: 28" Subatomic Chau Gong, 36" Astro-Belt Gong, and a powerful 40" Mother Tesla Gong, to create walls of symphonic vibrations.  Participants of these events often report deep meditative experiences, bright visualizations of psychic colors, trance states, etherial sounds and voices, spontaneous emotional releases, profound states of relaxation and out of body experiences.  Length of time varies...  But one to two hour Gong Ceremonies are typical...   

Pahka Dave also plays a 36 String Celtic Harp, 12 String Guitar, a large 30" Buffalo-Hide Pow Wow Drum, Hang Drums, World Percussion & Stringed Instruments from many varied cultures, including a Futujara (Slovakian Overtone Flute), Bamboo & Native American Flutes, Singing Bowls, Singing Bells, Wooden and Metal Tongue Drums, Shakers and Rattles, Didgeridoos, Spirit Fans, and Pahka is also a skilled Overtone Singer...  Any or all of these may be included in his Vibrational Healing Ceremonies.

You may contact David at 219-384-7677 or email him at zencow1@comcast.net to discuss details for your Upcoming Event.  

ADDITIONALLY: You can contact Pahka Dave to schedule a "Private Sound-Healing Session" or a "Customized Combined Private Session of : Bodywork & Energywork & Vibrational Therapy."  

A very very unique Experience!  SO!  Whether you experience this work Solo or in a Large Group?  You are in for a Deeply Relaxing Sonic Massage!  And a powerful opportunity for deep reflection!  

   "Once you feel the Gong, you will get the Qi!"  - Pahka Dave

A Very Brief Gonging...