Contacting David Cowan RN, CNMT

Whether it is for information or instruction on Medical Qigong, Lomi Lomi, Workshops, Retreats, Seminars, Bodywork, Energywork, Gong Ceremonies & Vibrational Healing, Drum Circles, Stress Management, Distance Healing, Distance Readings, or Private Healing Sessions.  You can always reach David by Phone or by Email...


David is always happy to field Qigong and Holistic Health questions, talk about Treatment Plans & Case Histories, discuss Pain Treatment Options and Prices & Fee Schedules.  He volunteers regularly for Community Health Events and offers a compassionate Sliding Scale to fit all budgets. 

Hao la!   [ "Hao la!" is Chinese for: "Job Well Done!"  ]         

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Phone:  219-384-7677 or 219-938-4762